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Every achievement and transformation is based on the vision and courage of people determined to realize them. These two values caused SAMBORSKI PROJECT AND PARTNERS foundation. We offer complete project management and business consultancy services dedicated for construction and IT markets.

Extensive business experience of our consultants and partners guarantees the success of projects implemented with us. Our skills, knowledge, ambition and determination in achieving goals are at your disposal - not everyone has to be perfect in management, but everyone can take care of it.


Project Management

Contemporary business, regardless of the country, industry and scale, requires a holistic and methodical approach to the performed activities. That is why we offer you a professional management services proven over the years and projects. Our experience in implementing various types of business and organizational initiatives as well as standards and good practices contained in our methodologies (eg Prince2) guarantee the success of your project.

We offer comprehensive project management, especially:

  • • Analysis of requirements and definition of goals, design of the scope of the project
  • • Review and validation of available solutions
  • • Developing the schedule of the entire project and individual stages
  • • Budgeting and change management
  • • Organization of the project team, management of ongoing implementation, monitoring and reporting of progress
  • • Identification and analysis of project risks, creation of risk management strategies
  • • Summary, settlement and closing of the project

Each project is unique, so it requires an individual approach - after getting to know your situation more closely, we will be able to prepare an offer that meets your needs. We encourage you to contact us.

zarządzanie projektami


Years of experience of our consultants and partners create a wide range of specialist knowledge in various industries, especially in the field of construction and IT. The results of their work, the various challenges that they faced, and the personal and organizational relationships built and verified in business practice constitute the main capital of our organization.

We offer you support in initiatives implementation through comprehensive business consultations and specialist knowledge in your area of activity. Especially:

  • • Creating and verifying business plans
  • • Definition and implementation plan for the organizational strategy
  • • Support in obtaining investment financing
  • • Starting new product / business lines
  • • Reorganization / restructuring - support in defining a solution
  • • Managing people - building teams, motivating, developing competences

Key areas


One of our core competence is the construction industry. We offer comprehensive consultancy and management services at all stages of the investment process - from planning and designing, budgeting, through the selection of contractors, implementation and construction supervision, to service and material and technological supplies.

We specialize in servicing the majority of construction sectors: residential, office and administration, logistics, commercial and service, road and bridge, industrial and even conservation and renovation.

Our experts and partners took part in the construction projects as:

  • • Construction of the Atrium Plaza office complex in Warsaw
  • • Construction of the Mokotów Business Park office complex in Warsaw
  • • Construction of the Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw
  • • Construction of the Świętokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw
  • • Construction of the Orco Tower office building (formerly FIM Tower) in the center of Warsaw
  • • Renovation of the Belweder Palace in Warsaw
  • • Revitalization of the Branicki Residential House in Warsaw (Smolna 40 street)
Atrium-Plaza Business-Park Most-Siekierkowski Most-Swietokrzyski
Kamienica-Branickich Orco-Tower Belweder


The IT industry is by all market analyzes the fastest growing branch of the economy and aggregating the largest budgets. Regardless of the country, industry and size of the company, practically everyone uses IT services and products. Many companies are digitizing their activities, thus breaking the geographical boundaries and reaching customers all over the world.

Our partners and consultants have extensive experience in implementing various initiatives in the IT industry, which they can share with you. We specialize mainly in the following areas:

  • • Software production and IT services
  • • Sales of IT solutions supporting business processes
  • • Electronic banking and card payments
  • • Telecommunications and multimedia
  • • Specialized IT project management


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